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Organic Meat sold under this symbol complies to a strict code of practice which applies to Farmers, Abattoirs and Processors. Animal Welfare groups endorse these standards because of the humane way the animals are treated.

Welsh Hook Meat Centre is registered with the Soil association to produce many different types of meat.



The natural and compassionate way to eat meat, safe in the knowledge that it has been produced from healthy, contented animals reared on Organic Farms in natural, stress free environments.





Animals are reared in traditional ways with the greatest of concern for their welfare.

Only natural foods are fed to animals with emphasis on home grown organic forage.

Under these natural, stress free conditions animals are more healthy and the need for veterinary medicines is greatly reduced. If the need for such medicines arises, the animal only regains its organic status after an extended period has elapsed.

Growth promoters are NOT allowed.

Animal welfare conditions are ensured by providing adequate living space and bedding, with access to open pasture.

Emphasis is placed on the natural rearing of young stock by the mother.

Transport and slaughtering are carefully monitored to ensure minimal stress.

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