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Founded in  1970, the Welsh Hook Meat Centre took its name from the small Pembrokeshire village  where it began. The founder is  Emrys Davies.  

Welsh Hook has always considered that the quality of meat it sells is of prime importance and now supplies many of the top hotels and  restaurants in Britain. 

 Such is its reputation for quality meat, that the business has expanded and increased its turnover ten fold since 1989. In response to demand, Welsh Hook delivers to the London area at least twice a week.

In 1997 Welsh Hook could no longer manage with its small  premises and so moved into a purpose built meat processing plant near Haverfordwest. The plant is built on a green field site and is fitted out to the highest specifications to comply with all the regulations that are in force. The Welsh  Hook Meat Centre now rears and produces a proportion of its own meat in  the beautiful open countryside of Pembrokeshire in Wales. Most of the remainder of the meat processed and packed in the plant is supplied from local farms.


The reputation of Welsh Hook has spread quickly and it is once again having to expand its premises to cope with an increase in demand. It says a great deal for the loyalty of its customers and their satisfaction with the product that this expansion has  taken place during a depressed era of farming.

Welsh Hook supplies the finest meat to the finest destinations and hence its slogan...'Quality is remembered'.


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